About the Office

Did you know that the Travis County Office of Tax Assessor/Collector (TCOTAC) does more than simply assess and collect taxes? It does MUCH more. 

Did you know that Voter Registration is carried out under the auspices of the TCOTAC? The Voter Registrar and Deputy Voter Registrars are all overseen by this office.

Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Titles, and even License Plates, are all controlled by the TCOTAC. 

Property Tax Assessment and Collection, County Court and Clerk costs, fines, and fees, and even Beer, Wine, and Liquor Licensing fall under the arm of the TCOTAC.

More than this, The TCOTAC also oversees these services for certain other Texas counties and districts that do not have their own Tax Assessor/Collector Office.

When you cast a vote for the Travis County Tax Assessor/Collector, you affect all these things.


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